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by | Sep 6, 2019

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Originally posted by Ply Gem.

Windows play one of the most vital parts in keeping your home safe, secure and warm. Next to the roof, windows have the most important job. Here at Cook Siding & Window Co., we believe in providing the best quality materials used in your next renovation or routine maintenance. Windows can be costly and easy to neglect over the years, especially if you have a lot of them.

We have sourced this list in order to help you determine when is the right time to replace your windows. You probably don’t even notice most of these until the window stops working properly and you have to repair or replace it, but these tips will help you avoid costly repairs or tell you it is time to replace your windows.

1. Opening and closing them has become difficult.

When your windows are difficult to open and close it will prevent you from allowing fresh air into your home. If they don’t close properly or you have trouble locking them, the window won’t provide a tight seal against leaks and drafts and can also impact the safety of your home. New windows and doors are designed to open and close with ease, provide protection from wind and rain and help keep your home safe. Learn more about how different types of windows operate and the benefits they can provide your home.

2. You notice a draft.

If you can never seem to get your house warm enough during the winter, you may be suffering from drafty windows. Over time, deterioration and normal wear and tear will cause old windows to stop protecting your home like they should and allow significant amounts of cold air inside. Noticeable drafts mean your windows are not functioning properly and you should consider replacement windows.

3. They look old and outdated.

You may not realize it, but replacing old, worn out windows can drastically improve the look of your home’s exterior. Faded paint, antiquated storm windows and old-fashioned window grilles often detract from your curb appeal, making your home look and feel outdated. New windows give you a refresh and can better complement the overall design of your home. (Yes, you can replace your windows during the winter!) 

4. You struggle with “dropping windows.”

Windows that slide down when you raise them are not only annoying but can also be dangerous. This occurs on double and single hung windows when the spring system is broken or has deteriorated over time. For parents with children, it’s important to watch your children around windows that have the potential to fall down and injure them. If you’re tired of propping up windows that won’t stay up and have safety concerns, it’s time to look for newer, safer windows that function properly.

5. Your energy bills spike.

During the winter, an abnormally high energy bill may tell you that your windows aren’t operating efficiently – letting cold air in and warm air out. This means your heater has to work overtime to compensate for the loss of heat. Instead, reduce your heating and cooling costs by installing energy-efficient windows that are good for your wallet and the environment.

6. You can hear outside noise.

Your home is where you find peace and quiet away from noisy neighbors and busy traffic. However, when your refuge is disturbed you can possibly blame poorly sealed windows and outdated glass. Noise-reducing windows with dual-insulating glass units decrease sound from coming into your home. For added protection against unwanted outdoor noise choose a sound-reducing glass package.

7. You can see visible damage.

Signs of chipping, deterioration or water stains on or around the window may indicate rot and water infiltration. Visible damage of the windows not only looks unattractive but can also reveal that the integrity of your windows may be compromised. Leaky windows can lead to unwanted water infiltration that can also cause additional water issues in your home.

If you think it might be time to replace those old windows, give Cook Siding & Window Co. a call, (540) 389-6104, to see our wide range of options!




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