Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding will not only enhance your home's curb appeal, it will add value to your home and also allows you to save money by eliminating those painting costs and repairs. From the beaded siding look to dutchlap, we are the company you can trust to get the product to suit you homes exterior.

Benefits of choosing Vinyl:

• Basically Maintenance free
• Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
• Maintains a Freshly Painted look
• Large Variety of colors and styles
• Will last longer than wood
• Does not Rot, Crack or Peel
• Options allow a choice of architectural accents for siding (ex: shutters and vents)
• Always installed by CSW's experienced professional technicians

Save on energy costs ever day by using insulated siding! Take advantage of savings your energy company Doesn't want you to know about. Insulated Siding will reduce the heating as well as the cooling loss through the walls of your home, by up to 20%!

"It's the Great Energy Leak:" 40% of your heating and cooling loss is through the sides of your home.

Your homes exterior is made up of 1/4 wood studs-- which is the equivalent of one entire wall without INSULATION! Insulated Siding with Fullback Technology™ provides the most energy-efficient siding! Your homes energy bill is half heating and cooling, so slashing the energy use saves money!

• Rigid foam insulation form-fitted behind the exterior of the siding panel delivers up to 5 times the R-value of any other exterior siding product on the market today.
• This keeps more of the heating and cooling energy you pay for inside the home, saving you money.
Vinyl Siding House Small
Vinyl Siding House Medium Tan Side view